JSA Select Pricing provides producers new crop and 2-year crop marketing alternatives.

This program enrolls a specific number of bushels of corn, soybeans, or hard red winter wheat within a delivery window where JSA is responsible for establishing the futures price within a specified pricing period. The cash grain contracts are delivered to your local JSA Select program participant.

Key Program Benefits

This program draws off the experience of trading professionals to set the futures price on a portion of your corn production. Multiple pricing windows for bushels to sell off the combine or out of the bin adds flexibility to your grain marketing plan.

  • Multiple pricing and delivery windows allow for sales off the combine and out of the bin
  • The professionals at JSA establish a hedge and actively manage the position to enhance the ultimate price you receive using both futures and options
  • A “Year Two” option is available for harvest delivery
  • This program diversifies the decision‐making process
  • All hedges and open positions are fully transparent
  • Bi‐weekly updates are provided to all participants, so you can compare your marketing ideas to other professionals in the industry
  • 100% of the enrolled bushels are priced by a specified ending date for each pricing window

Program Performance

In the past 9 years, since the inception of the JSA Select Pricing™ program, JSA has worked hard to bring value to producers by increasing the prices they receive for corn sold to commercial grain companies and end users across the Midwest.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance in this program. As with all forward cash grain contracts and programs, resulting prices and performance can be below the market at the time of delivery.

Program Details & Enrollment

Producers should contact their local JSA Select Program participant for contract details and enrollment deadlines.  No program participant in your area?  Contact Us

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