Mike “Rocky” Rokala


Mike “Rocky” Rokala joined John Stewart and Associates in 2007 to open a branch office. He grew up on the family farm in Minnesota and earned a degree in agriculture business administration from the University of Minnesota. He has many years of experience as a senior grain trader in the international grain arena.

Rocky began his career working with Continental Grain Company as a commodity trader in grain and freight and coordinating logistics for Continental’s river stations. Working with CHS, Inc, (formerly Harvest States) he managed all trading and coordinated logistics for the spring wheat export program from the Pacific Northwest to Asia. He then ran CHS’s bean trading/logistics program for the Great Lakes and the Center Gulf.

He joined Zen-Noh Grain/Consolidated Grain and Barge in Louisiana as commodity manager. He managed the largest export bean program in the Gulf, responsible for all risk management and logistics for worldwide customers. This required him to utilize hedging tools to maximize revenue. He next managed a grain trading and barge transportation division for CGB on the Illinois River. In 2002, Rocky managed private risk capital at the CBOT, trading a private commodity fund that invested in commodities in the U.S. and South America.

Mr. Rokala is a registered Associated Person of John Stewart and Associates and a principal in the company.